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We are not alone in the universe, there are the billions of worlds that interact and depend on one another. Meetings of people, whether they are conferences, seminars, workshops, summits, exhibitions, B2B and B2C, presentations, and others also create small organized worlds limited by time and space.


In Bratislava, the best option is to organize middle-sized meetings, preferably up to 500 participants. However, there is space for up to 2000 but the choices are limited.




– Conferences belong to the profile activities of our company. Under EMERGE, we have been organizing primarily conferences from 2013 onwards, but experiences with international meetings extends until 2009, when we have organized the first international scientific symposium at Smolenice Chateau


– We can prepare turnkey meetings using the unique potential provided by Bratislava and the surrounding region, including Austria, Southern Moravia and, indeed, the whole Slovakia


– We also offer destination management services for the meetings, individual or group trips, events and incentives, and post


-conference tours- In addition to standard and complex technical assistance during the meetings, we provide any pre-conference services and consultancy


– EMERGE is guided by the Code of Conduct that allows open and effective cooperation based on competencies and responsibilities

Our offer

Ready programs

Services before and after the conference:


● Support to address the concept of a conference tailor made to the client profile

● Consultation and suggestions in creating the program and accompanying persons actions

● Design of the overall graphic and visual form of the action

● Creating a logo, graphic manual (business cards, letterhead, etc.)

● Creating a web page of the action

● Design and secure pre-conference information flow (invitations, announcements, pre-program) in both, digital and printed form

● Creating a media strategy, PR

● Printing and distributing materials to participants

● Communication on behalf of the client with sponsors and donors if required

● Keep communication with conference participants 30 days after it ends, if required by the client

● Distribute acknowledgements, photos, and other materials and documents to each participant

● Outputs processing, analysis, evaluations




EMERGE provides all kinds of "on spot" registration services:


Traditional registration (signatures of paper attendance papers), but also full electronic (registration via QR codes, counters, tablets, mobile phones).


We provide pre-registration with a fully automated system; sending a daily list of registered participants, statistics, reports, and payment reports. We are working with modern users’ friendly registration system that will simplify access to participant as well as to our client.


Accreditation of medical events in Slovakia


Any medical event that results in recognition by the Slovak Medical Chamber (SLK) must be accredited by law.


EMERGE ensures the accreditation of your turnkey event for you. Registration of the activity in the chamber of medicine, sending the necessary documents, registration of passive and active credits on the second day after delivery of signed attendance papers (each doctor will automatically see in his account how many credits he has received). Of course there is consultation and excellent and fast support. Are you interested in how many times a particular doctor participated in your events or what was the average attendance? We also offer statistics of the kind as a bonus for registration services.


Graphics and printing


Design of the overall graphic and visual form of the action; creation of a logo, graphic manual (business cards, letterhead, etc.); creation of a web page of the action; its content according to the client's instructions; design and secure flow of print and online information in pre-conference time (invitations, announcements, pre-program) outside the web site; printing all accompanying materials such as posters, banners, roll-ups, promotional materials and items, gifts


PR and promotion


Ability to secure ad partners; possibility to promote the event through the materials and communication channels of Bratislava Tourist Board or through our contacts abroad; creating a promotional action concept; providing press conferences, media articles, and more.


Providing space, accommodation, meals, catering


Reservations, selection and approval offers; customization of the profile and the requirements of the client; selection of a high-quality catering company for events outside the facilities; possibility to create backgrounds in non-standard rooms; accommodation. Wide range of quality collaborators and suppliers.




Do you need transport to the conference, the airport at the event venue? We provide all kinds of tickets (airplane, train, bus). Private transport with limousines, minibuses, buses is a matter of course. Under special conditions, it is also possible to transport private trains. Every customer has different demands and therefore we approach each request individually.


On site management


The event manager is always present for a specific action, even for small and partial services. A complete on-site management for larger events where a client is assigned a contact person is a matter of course.


Audio-video services




Mobile apps are on the rise, they no longer have to serve just classics as they have been. We can create a tailor-made conference application for you. Facilitate the environment and provide all participants with comfort in the form of all the information in their devices (programs, course, maps, announcements and much more). Of course, social interface, internal communication, online photo wall (as the application also works with social media). Available for all platforms.


Voting, reports, analyzes


Through interactive PowerPoint-based software and wireless voting devices that are shared by each participant, real-time feedback can be electronically collected by simply clicking the button. Enjoy the opinions of the participants, let them do quizzes, plug them into virtually any activity you want to convert into a table.


Instant feedback: Presenter can instantly see the results. Presentations become interactive experiences. Participant Tag: Each participant has a unique number under which he answers, so we can easily identify individual responses and place them on a spreadsheet.


Creating statistics, reports, and reports is a matter of course and you will receive them after the action ends. Do not leave anyone behind because it matters.


Events, incentives

Logistics and technical supplement of the meetings



High-performance projectors; canvas of various sizes; LED TV on stands in the room; LED TV with a chair in front of the chair; high resolution LED wall (max 6x3 meters - max 18m²); low resolution LED wall suitable for large-scale installations - for example, behind the stage at concerts over the band, large-screen advertising or conferences without complicated visualizations (we have tens of square meters available); laser projection




Lighting in the form of modern LED technology - we can light up any space, any desired color - branding the client; sight interiors, exteriors, or facades of buildings, including projection; available with "skyflower" lights - I will shine the sky with your logo or client's logo - like in Hollywood! Sight the concert stage and the audience - we have complete festival events lights




Sound of conferences, events, concerts, festivals, etc.; high quality speakers for conferences, entertainment and outdoor concerts; all necessary microphone types - Sennheiser quality speaks for itself!




Video from a single camera, real-time rendering (e.g., slideshows); video recording - real-time streaming from multiple cameras, full HD quality, and two independent outputs; audio-video production and realization of films; post-production studio; comprehensive photographic services, including commercial photography




We provide the necessary inventory, or supplement it for meetings, catering events and accompanying events of meetings (such as tents, posters and information stands, exhibition stands, etc.)


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