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Connections Meeting in Tuscany – When beauty is all around you


We prefer smaller format business meetings where face to face communication is crucial and – in consequences – often more effective. This time it was in beautiful Toscana.



The glamour of individual touch – in personal contact, in remarkable sites where a presence of history is in each stone around you, and nature spread on all sides as in the old Italian paintings – was framing the energetic meeting of more than 30 Suppliers and the same number of Buyers.


Connections Meeting in Tuscany was carried with elegance and lightness with an excellent professionalism behind it all. It was Luxury Experience but still very down-to-earth. The idea of strong vine tradition in both, Italy and Slovakia, might be a nucleus of further interesting collaborations.


Last but not least, the Post Tour generously organized by Firenze Convention Bureau brought more positive surprises in exploring Firenze, such as creating your own perfume in Aqua Flor and witnessing old traditional goldsmith manufacture at Paola Penko.


What to add? Globalization, as the overall theme of the Connections Meeting, should not destroy the moments of local wisdom and traditions, in contrary, to open and communicate the uniqueness to the rest of the world proudly.



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