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New Europe


We (EMERGE) have two leitmotivs, the first, more broader one is YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY and more concrete, focused, “Discover New Destinations”, which we often use with the PR materials linked to our priority destination which is, indeed, region of Central (sometimes called Eastern) Europe.


Where does Central Europe start and end? Where does start and end our prejudices?


At the beginning of this year we have intentionally participated in three events connected with Central? Eastern? Balkan? Baltic? locations. I tell you, it was delighting.


Conventa 2018 in Ljubljana, Slovenia,

Convene 2018 in Vilnius, Lithuania, and finally,

MCE Central & Eastern Europe – Zagreb, Croatia


Though different formats, all of them have been produced in so called (to be prudent) “New Europe”.


We (from Central Europe) have learned new things, including destinations of fascinating beauty; atop some interesting marketing strategies. Now we have to build/complete new cooperation and products achieved. YOU NEVER KNOW UNTIL YOU TRY.


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