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Reinvent your Wheel or Two Sides of a Challenge

The train has stopped. There is no possibility even to catch the last wagon as we sometimes thought we were doing…:)

But now it is the right time to jump to the first class or change trains completely.

Pandemic is forcing us to think not to cry. Charles Darwin in his famous “On the Origin of Species” taught us the stronger and flexible existence will survive; our tourist/conference/event industry is now the case.

There will be losses, indeed. Huge losses and slow recovery. But maybe it is just the right time to reflect on our business strategies, our partnerships and, maybe, on SOLIDARITY.

Our industry will probably never be the same. The people will probably start thinking; disasters such as pandemic, volcano eruption, which could be the next, and worsening natural environment around the Globe question extreme travelling and moving around the world we have been witnessing last years/decades. The mindset of new generation is also changing – why should I travel to the conference in particular time and place if I am loosing so much time with it? Online meetings exist but still not perfectly developed.

In tourism and event sector situation is even more difficult; the clear answers do not exist.

It is hard to predict to which extend the COVID-19 will change our lives and history. Take it as time given. Take it as a good lesson for a new start.

Stay healthy! …In body and mind.



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